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Website Design

Fusion Web is a Phoenix Arizona Web Agency dedicated to helping your organization accomplish its goals on the web. It’s not enough to slap a logo, text and email on your web address. We’ll help you think through the purpose of your site and design a thoughtful user experience.

Wordpress Development

WordPress is a powerful tool for web publishing with a vast amount of themes and plugins. Which theme should you use? Which plugins? Fusion Web will help you make these foundational decisions with an eye toward functionality and security. Do you need a custom application? We can assist you in using existing plugins or developing new plugins to get the functionality you need in a website.

Outsource your website

Do you need to update the content on your website regularly? We offer monthly retainer options to fit your company’s budget. Keep your site up to date and professional for all of your potential clients. All of our work is performed within the USA.

Servers & Scalability

Fusion Web recommends cloud based VPS hosting for most applications. We can deploy the right servers with the right software to handle your web traffic.

Need room to grow? We’ll implement a scalable server plan so we can add increased traffic capacity quickly.

Is your server slow? We’ll help you pinpoint the issue and provide recommendations to improve site speed or move you to a server more suited to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Every project we take on is performed with an eye toward SEO friendliness. Sometimes you need more when you’re going into competition for search terms. We’ll help you analyze what might be needed to increase your ranking and form a plan to get you there.

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