Over the last month, we’ve launched two new sites with more to come!

Alex Fechete Stone

Alex Fechete is a contractor based out of North Phoenix who does high end stonework. He had a website built not too long ago, which was developed in Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, the web developer didn’t keep the flash source file for any of his image galleries! AF Stone wanted to add some new galleries and updated images of some of his projects, but was unable to due to the lack of foresight by his original site developer.
Fusion Web Technologies took his existing site design, converted his graphics from Flash to using a WordPress framework with jQuey plugins. Now, Alex’s company is able to add images themselves whenever they wish, quickly and easily. You can check out our work at: http//www.afstone.net.

Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva

CCVN came to us with a challenge we hadn’t faced yet: they needed a bilingual website since that’s how they do their services. The solution seemed obvious that we would need to essentially have two sites, one in English and one in Spanish, both paralleling each other. However, thanks WPML, this process was made easy for both developer and end user. WordPress Multilingual is a plug-in that builds into the WordPress back-end the ability to have a translation of each page created. That way, no matter which page the user is on they may click back and forth between English and Spanish without having to re-navigate to the desired page.
We also used a few new plug-ins and a new “eShop” base theme for their online store. Take a look at CCVN’s new online home: http://www.myccvn.com