HCG Healthy Weight Loss is a new, but quickly growing Valley business. Their product is amazing and I’ve personally seen people losing a ton of weight on the diet.

This is one of my latest efforts and I had a blast with creativity on this site. What sets this site apart is the use of special non-web standard fonts. Normally this would be a bad move because in order to use non-web fonts (boring fonts like Arial and Verdana) one would have to render them in images to appear correctly on any given website and this detracts from search engine visibility as Google currently can’t read text within images. I recently discovered a new script called Cufon, which uses Java to render a freeware font on a webpage so you’re still viewing plain text, but in a font that’s more visually pleasing. This makes for some spectacular visual possibilities for us WordPress developers. Expect to see some updates to fusionaz.com very soon!