I wanted to bring some attention to a side project I’ve been working on for some time now. I strongly encourage you to visit the Family Bible Plan. The Family Bible Plan is a curriculum designed for parents and particularly fathers to teach the Bible in a systematic way to their children from elementary through high school. I’ve seen this curriculum develop from its inception because it was written by my mom, Shelley Withem, as I was growing up through junior high and high school. I’ve been through it and I believe in it. I learned more in junior high about the Old Testament and the themes therein than I learned my entire first year in bible college. That’s not a statement about my college, rather a testament to the rich truth Shelley brings to light in the Family Bible Plan.

Over the past year, I’ve purposed in my free time to help put together a website so we can make this curriculum available for public use. After many hours of editing and posting, we are almost finished with the first year of Old Testament Lessons. I encourage you to go to the site and have a look around.  See if the lessons are something you would use for your children.  Click on her advertisers and support her! Share her lessons on Facebook or pin some of them on your Pinterest boards!

In the interest of full disclosure we are using a pre-made WordPress template to host the content. The purpose of the site is content, not custom design so this works perfectly for us! My favorite part about the site, though, is that we’re using all classical artwork for the pictures. Let me know what you think!