So I got a message from Hugh Hewitt yesterday at noon. In this message he said he wanted to hire me for a new web project. The catch: it needed to be done by 3PM that day! After the initial shock, I read through what he wanted. On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert poked fun at Hugh’s upcoming book, “Painting the Map Red.” In turn, Hugh wanted to say “thanks” by starting an online petition to ask the Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, to make Colbert the Ambassador to the United Nations. In his words, “Send them an Ambassador that lets them know how we feel about the U.N.”

I threw up the Send Colbert to the U.N. site using the Convertible WordPress Theme – designed to put together dynamic landing pages on the fly. Then I threw together some graphics in the Colbert Nation style for the Facebook page and the header and poof, we have an online petition! I’m not going to lie – I had a blast designing this web page, even with the crazy deadline. Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you, Hugh!